Week 2, 2021 - moody

So this is how the discussion went about the week 2 photo shoot:

Indie: what’s the theme this week mum

 Me: the theme this week is moody, our photo shoot is going to be very subdued and low key to convey the feeling.

 Indie: dude, you know I’m chill and don’t do moody.

 Me: just this once, pretty please, there are special dog treats involved.

 Indie: but it’s summer, the mood is all light and sunny, that’s the vibe right now, let’s do sunny.

 Me: I hear you loud and clear, but in your homeland, it’s winter and snowing. Try and channel the winter vibe from your ancestors.

 Indie: I don’t think I want to.

 Me: Snap – not so chill now Indie, you are a doggie super model and didn’t even know it.