Booking Fee

I have a $50 booking fee paid at the time of booking your photoshoot or painting. This fee will be deducted from the price of your images.



When your gallery is ready you will be able to order prints online and download your photos.
Painting from $250 - 11" x 14" print
Photo shoot with the best digital images - $500

Starting from $250.00


Where are you based and do you travel for photo shoots?

I'm Geelong based in Victoria, Australia. I can also do photo shoots in the central and western suburbs in Melbourne. If you are from Melbourne I can highly recommend making a day of it and travelling to our beautiful region and enjoying the many dog friendly cafes and restaurants. Due to covid restrictions I am currently not offering photo shoots.

do you paint for clients outside of the geelong region?

I am available for painting clients outside the Geelong region. You will be able to send me a photo of your pet so I can create your artwork. I will provide guidance on the best way to take a photo for your artwork.