it's valentines day!!!

The theme for the blog this week is red. Of course, this is for Valentine’s Day.

I was tempted to add some red hearts to my photo this week, but instead decided to use something I already have. I took a fur throw rug, even more hairy than Indie, and worked some Photoshop magic to convert it to a muted shade of red. I have added a slight haze of colours into the photo that complement the red colour, but it is very subtle, giving a slight colour grade.

I use colour theory extensively in my paintings. All colours are based on the colours of your dog. I develop a unique background for each painting that work best with your dog. Of course if someone doesn’t like a particular colour I will take that into account. If you want to see more of my paintings, click on this link. My paintings are created in Photoshop and then printed on the best quality paper available for an amazing finish. My paintings are available for anyone in Australia.

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