Two dogs are more fun than one


Like so many of you I have two dogs. I was so excited to see the theme this week, symmetry. My vision was grand, my dogs would bound in perfect unison across a field and I would take just one amazing photo.


  • One of my dogs is better with dogs, one better with people.
  • One of my dogs is very chilled, one is very boisterous and crazy.
  • One of my dogs is so well trained, one is a work in progress.
  • My dogs drop a lot of coat – never at the same time, they want to make sure I can have the pleasure of dog hair for as long as possible!!!
  • One dog hates fish with a passion, one dog loves fish.


Now the differences should have made me stop and wonder if a photo of perfect symmetry was going to be as easy as my imagination suggested. I filled up a bag with dried liver (their love of dried liver is one thing they have in common) and set off for a photo shoot. I was on my own without a dog wrangler, and in an on lead only area, so I had to ditch my normal lens very quickly, change to a wide angle and stick close.


I tossed that liver in the air, this way and that way. Indie ran towards me leaving Kimmie sitting still. I gave Kimmie some encouragement and tried again. Kimmie ran towards me leaving Indie well behind her. I tossed treats up high, Indie bounded up leaving Kimmie behind. Kimmie was sad for missing the treat and put her head down in the sand. Kimmie got the sympathy she so clearly needed. After lots of photos that were in sync but very cute I finally managed to get some photos that had them moving together in symmetry. My mission for my photo shoot was accomplished, and I had two very happy dogs with a tummy full of yummy treats.


Do you have two dogs too? Whether or not they are in sync or totally opposed, I can work with them to get some great images for you.

To see more from my circle of pet photographers, click on this link to view symmetry by Elaine Tweedy of I Got the Shot Photography, serving pets and their people in that frozen tundra called Northeastern Pennsylvania.