The theme for week 4 of my blog circle is 'White'. The theme conjures up images of dogs frolicking in the snow chasing snow balls and with a cute little nose covered in sparkling snowflakes. I can imagine huskies pulling sleds, having the time of their lives and Labradors digging in the snow burning off all of their energy.

But hang on, I am in Geelong, Australia. It’s the middle of summer which means I can't take a photo of my dog in the snow. Even if it is winter, it is a very long drive to find snow for me. Indie is black, not white, so I can't use that spin for the challenge. That left me with only one choice, fake it. She is a snow dog so it was the only thing to do really. Faking the snow isn’t something I would do for my clients as a dog photographer, but I had to do it especially for the theme this week.

Next week I will look for a location to show off. If you are travelling from Melbourne to have your dog photographed by me it will give you an idea of the possibilities. You can contact me about my services if you are looking for a dog photographer in Geelong or Melbourne.

Until next week, please click on the link for Darlene Woodward with Pant the Town Photography serving MA and NH all seasons of the year. Explore the circle and see some dogs who really are in the snow.